Deception in the Church, Part 3

New Age Terminology

As I said before, New Age strategy is to take over the Christian church from within. One of their methods is to use Christian terminology, but change the meaning.

I have only given a few here, ones that I’ve encountered myself. Many people who have left the New Age movement and come to the Christian church have been confused by, appalled by, or terrorized by finding the same thing they left being promoted in churches across the world.

I personally grew up with New Age teaching in the form of Scientology. I am so glad that, even though I didn’t know Jesus, I resisted Scientology with every fiber of my being. While the terms were different, they still have the same “flavor” as the popular “shift” and other words used by many false prophets today. It made me very uneasy, along with the manipulation of “doing something in the natural to bring about that thing in the spiritual” realm. You don’t find that in the Bible.

When I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, my mother told me that Scientology and Christianity were not in opposition to each other. Jesus was an “operating thetan” which is what scientologists strive to become. Jesus showed the way to do it. So, she “believed in” Jesus.

Here are a few of the terms in use today:

Go here for a full list given by this site:

Buzz Word: New Age

Traditional Meaning: Eph. 2:7 That in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us through Jesus Christ.

Misleading Meaning: Anything cutting-edge modern in the late 20th or early 21st century                

Real Meaning: A time period marked by massive changes in human spiritual evolution, particularly when mankind reaches the point where he can facilitate his own evolution to the next level.

Buzz Word: Transformation

Traditional Meaning: To change the form or outward appearance.

Misleading Meaning: To change the way of doing something from the old-fashioned way to a new-fangled way.

Real Meaning: A plan to change the entire spiritual, cultural, educational, economic, social and political structure of man’s life on Earth.

Buzz Word: Paradigm Shift (Tipping Point, Critical Mass)

Traditional Meaning: A shift from one worldview or belief system to another.

Misleading Meaning: A shift from the traditional Judeo-Christian mindset to eastern mysticism. In the church, a shift to a higher level of spiritual understanding and practice.

Real Meaning: A spiritual shift where man becomes a co-creator in his own destiny; an evolution in the consciousness of mankind.

Buzz Word: Alignment

Traditional Meaning: An arrangement in a straight line.

Misleading Meaning: Spiritually, in the church growth model, bringing your will into conformity with the vision and goals of your local church.

Real Meaning: The metaphysical belief that one must coordinate their bodily, mental, emotional and spiritual functions with the forces in the Universe for maximum benefit and effect.

Buzz Word: Resistance

Traditional Meaning: BAD: Resisting the Holy Spirit (Acts 7:51). GOOD: Resist the devil (James 4:7)

Misleading Meaning: Resistance to change, due to an improper clinging to old worn-out theology, which if left unchecked could cause disunity and delay progress.

Real Meaning: Resistance to change threatens the entire evolutionary process. Resistors/laggards possess remnants of a reptilian brain and will not evolve. They must be eradicated.

Buzz Word: Leadership

Traditional Meaning: The first shall be last and the last first. (Mark 10:31)

Misleading Meaning: A leader is a servant who is willing to sacrifice himself in order to transform the church.

Real Meaning: Transformational leaders ensure followers embrace the vision and goals, rewarding the compliant and penalizing laggards.

Buzz Word: Vision  

Traditional Meaning: Something seen in a sleeping dream; an extraordinary, God-given event.

Misleading Meaning: A mental image formed in the mind by the imaginations and desires of the heart.

Real Meaning: A metaphysical practice in which a mental image becomes reality, either through spiritual or physical endeavors.

Buzz Word: Consensus

Traditional Meaning: Agreement through open discussion.

Misleading Meaning: Seeking mutual understanding on any given topic, especially by giving up one’s own preferences.

Real Meaning: Forcing agreement by using psycho-social group manipulation techniques to reach the desired outcome. Requires that one give up their convictions.

Buzz Word: Revival

Traditional Meaning: Stirring up religious faith among those who have been indifferent.

Misleading Meaning: An experience-based event in which people profess change, make decisions, encounter phenomena, or undergo catharsis.

Real Meaning: A global transformation of the church in which people are subject to experience-based events through occult influences and/or smoke and mirrors.


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