Covid: Is It God’s Judgment on America?

At the beginning of the pandemic, I heard a preacher saying this was God’s judgment on America for all the abortions that have been and are being done. He went on to “prove” this by starting at Wuhan, China. He said it started there because of God’s judgment on that part of China because they eat babies there. I don’t know if this is true or not. The CIA says it’s false, but they’re not the most trustworthy bunch. There are numerous websites covering both sides of the issue. Which is why I found it odd that this preacher cited as his source one of the places that said it is false. Why would he do that?

I can only think of two reasons. Either he was careless and put down the wrong site, or he didn’t care because he knew the congregation trusted him and no one would look it up. I believe he made an assumption about this being God’s judgment for abortion and then looked for “evidence” to support his opinion. Admittedly, I could be wrong. And it IS possible this is God’s judgment. However, I tend to lean toward the opinion of one prophet I heard. (A prophet with a pretty good track record in delivering God’s Word. Not one hailed as a great prophet despite prophesies not being true. But that’s another story.)

This prophet said we are still in the era of grace. While it’s true that I heard him say that several years ago, and things may have changed since then, it’s my belief we’re still under grace. We are having to live with the consequences of decisions of ungodly people and the consequences of having a complacent Church. Also, complications from an unredeemed Earth. From what I’ve read in the Bible, God’s judgment will be much more severe than what we are seeing now.

Whenever a catastrophe hits a place like New Orleans or San Francisco, the “prophets” claim it is God’s judgment on their sin. However, if it hits someplace that is little known, no such claim is made. They pick and choose where God is pouring out His judgment. For instance, Hurricane Katrina was God’s judgment on New Orleans, while Hurricane Michael was not considered God’s judgment on Panama City, Mexico Beach and Marianna, Florida even though it devastated the entire area.

So, is Covid God’s judgment on America? Probably not. More likely, it is an escaped manufactured pathogen from Wuhan’s biological warfare lab. The Bible does warn us there will be plagues in the last days. I would caution everyone to be prepared to meet their Maker, while trusting Him to keep any plague from us. (Psalm 91)

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