There has been so much craziness this past year about the virus from Wuhan, China. Details change from day to day. Masks are not effective. Masks are the only thing that is going to save your life! Masks are not effective. Masks are mandatory for the safety of everyone! You need to wear your mask […]

Deception in the Church, Part 3

New Age Terminology As I said before, New Age strategy is to take over the Christian church from within. One of their methods is to use Christian terminology, but change the meaning. I have only given a few here, ones that I’ve encountered myself. Many people who have left the New Age movement and come […]

Deception in the Church, Part 2

      What is New Age? “New Age is a compilation of metaphysical, Eastern-influenced thought systems. These thought systems unite theology, nature, and philosophy… The phrase ‘New Age’ refers to the ‘Aquarian Age’… This Age is expected to bring in peace and enlightenment, as well as reunite humans with ‘god.’ New Age doctrine says […]

Deception in the Church, Part 1

            In my book, I only mentioned deception once, saying it could be a reason you are not receiving your healing.  God’s covenant with His children and His healing are contingent on us obeying His Word. If we’re following ‘another gospel,’ we can’t expect God to bless us with healing. […]