The Wiles of the Devil, Part 2

Continuing the list of the devil’s wiles that I found while reading the Bible:

26) War.
27) Iniquity. Habit of sinning.
28) Lack of faith. “Helping” God fulfill His promise. Unbelief.
29) Blame. Spite. Disrespect.
30) Thinking you know more than God.
31) Lasciviousness. Perversion. Perverted thinking. Incest.
32) Drawn to sin. Longing for worldly things.
33) Scorn.
34) Hard-hearted. Callous.
35) Stingy.
36) Theft.
37) Lack of patience.
38) Self-important. “It’s all about me!” “Now!” Self-centered.
39) Comfort.
40) Generational sin.
41) Envy.
42) Destruction of other’s property.
43) Marriage outside of covenant.
44) Hatred. Wrath.
45) Revenge.
46) Manipulation.
47) Favoritism.
48) Humiliation. Degradation.
49) Man-pleasing.
50) Jealousy.
51) Slavery.
52) Servitude.
53) Dishonesty.
54) Bribery.
55) Appeasement.
56) Rape.
57) Fornication.
58) Tale-bearing.
59) Gloating.
60) Indignation.
61) Scheming.
62) Dream-killing.
63) Unrelenting grief.
64) Superstition.
65) Broken vows.
66) Lust.
67) Adultery.
68) False accusation.
69) Ingratitude.
70) Guilt.
71) Dread.
72) Obeisance to man.
73) Prejudice.
74) Divination.
75) Rash promises. Hasty, unwise vows.
76) Poverty.
77) Subjection.
78) Usury.
79) Sickness. Disease.
80) Self-will.
81) Cruelty.
82) Affliction.
83) Infanticide.
84) Concealing sin.
85) Bullying.
86) Questioning God’s command.
87) Making excuses to not obey God.
88) Feeling unworthy. “Who am I to do God’s work?” Poor self-image.
89) Keep the people too busy to worship God.
90) Wealth.
91) Beatings.
92) Murmuring. Complaining.
93) Forgetting God’s word.
94) Ignorance of God’s word.
95) Not understanding God’s word.
96) Cares of the world. Not hearing and obeying God’s word because of
Circumstances. Putting circumstances above God’s word.
97) Self-abasement. Putting yourself down.
98) Sorcery. Witchcraft. “New Age.”
99) Fear of death.
100) Mental bondage.

The Wiles of the Devil, Part 1

Ephesians 6:11 – Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

2 Corinthians 2:11 – lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices (thoughts, mind, schemes, plots).

Since we are not ignorant of the devil’s schemes I thought I would enumerate them since I was reading through the Bible at the time I was thinking of this. So starting in Genesis, this is what I found:

1) Adding to or subtracting from God’s word.
2) Tempting people, planting evil desires in their minds. Feeding those desires with a combination of truth and lies. “You can be like God.” Desire to be equal with God.
3) Satan lies. Lying. Half-truths.
4) He causes people to doubt God’s word.
5) Satan tempts people to sin. Sin brings shame, fear, guilt (not remorse), separation from God (death).
6) Slavery to sin.
7) Anger, pride, jealousy, which lead to
8) Murder, bitterness.
9) Sin brings a curse.
10) Knowledge of evil increases and takes over.
11) Violence filled the Earth.
12) Sin brings judgment.
13) Drunkenness, which leads to
14) Helplessness, vulnerability.
15) Homosexuality.
16) Changing God’s promise to something believable to humans. Substituting a
Worldly answer for a spiritual one.
17) Pride.
18) Idol worship. Astrology.
19) Disobedience. Partial obedience.
20) Deception.
21) Fear.
22) Strife.
23) Selfishness.
24) Greed.
25) Disrespect for elders.

I will add the rest in the next couple of blog posts, along with how we are supposed to thwart the devil’s devices.