Deception in the Church, Part 1

            In my book, I only mentioned deception once, saying it could be a reason you are not receiving your healing.  God’s covenant with His children and His healing are contingent on us obeying His Word. If we’re following ‘another gospel,’ we can’t expect God to bless us with healing.

            Deception in the Church is rampant. And, if you’re deceived, you won’t know it. It is important to periodically check what you believe to make sure it lines up with God’s Word. It is also important to hone your spiritual discernment, and be open to checking your beliefs if someone you trust questions what you believe.

            Sometimes deception in the Church is very subtle. One New Age strategy to take over the Church is to infiltrate it using Christian terminology, but applying a different meaning to the words than what is perceived by the Christian hearing it.

            A simple example of that would be, “God told me…” Hearing that, esp. in church, would lead most if us to think they are Christians referring to the one, true God. However, the “God” they refer to could well be Satan, Allah, any of a myriad of “gods,” or even self.

            Sometimes deception comes in the form of false doctrine. Scripture warns us that in the last days there will be false teachers and false prophets. Some are easy to spot; others are camouflaged in their well-tailored ‘sheep skins,’ but inwardly they are ravening wolves (Mt. 7:15). They blend in so well with the congregation that they are considered one of the flock. If you have doubts as to their sincerity, you will be hard put to pin down the source of your unease. After all, if it looks like a sheep and talks like a sheep, it must be a sheep, right? These are the particularly dangerous ones!

            Sometimes spiritual discernment just comes as a feeling. And you can’t question someone’s motives just because you ‘feel’ that they are fake! Eventually, it will manifest, but it may take years and by then they will have done immeasurable damage.

                                                Hone your spiritual discernment!

           Learn to tell the difference between natural aversion and sensing a spirit that is wrong.

           I spent many years thinking I was just being critical of certain people, mistrusting them for no reason. Eventually I noticed that I was always right about them. I didn’t spot every false spirit, but the ones I had questions about always proved to be false. Then someone told me it was the gift of spiritual discernment.

            Since I grew up under the influence of my mother’s dedication to Scientology, one form of New Age, I became familiar with some of the terminology and methods they use. I believe exposure to evil spirits made me more sensitive in regard to recognizing those spirits. Which leads to my belief that lots of exposure to the Holy Spirit will make it easier to recognize false spirits. When you know the real thing, the fake becomes obvious.