Turn your eyes upon Jesus.

Looking back over notes I’ve taken over the years, I came across this one from one of Dr. Virginia Mayer’s teachings. Dr. Mayer and her husband are the founders of Living Waters Ministries, a Christian counseling service in Headland, Alabama.

‘Keep your focus on Jesus. Looking back to ‘self’ stops healing and causes stress. Stress makes us borrow trouble, makes us worry. Those “What if…?” questions are vain imaginations that exalt themselves above the knowledge of God. Lift Jesus above everything.

God loves you. He sees your heart. He doesn’t require you to live up to His expectations. He is your provider and protector. He is merciful. People can’t fulfill our happiness, only Jesus can. His love, His peace, His joy are all unconditional. Give them to others the same way and be stress-free.

Stress is focusing on the bad things while the beautiful things are all around us and we don’t see them. It is “overwhelmingness.” When he finds a weak spot, the enemy piles things on you until you are overwhelmed. Stress is the opposite of flowing, living water. It short-circuits the power of God, which stops flowing in your life.

Chaotic stress stops miracles and healing for ourselves and others. Remember, “Greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world.”

Stress leads to depression. It sneaks up on you. There is no joy, no life in your eyes. Anxiety blocks joy. It is fed by anger. Panic attacks keep you from breathing, can cause heart attacks, and block everything God has for you.

Stress comes from inappropriate expectations of others and of ourselves. Stress kills hope, joy, faith and love.

Smile! Don’t let dread choke the life out of you, and quench the Holy Spirit. The enemy tries to ground us to the world and sever the power of God! You become spiritually drained.

Take your eyes off ‘self’ and don’t depend on others for your happiness. Only Jesus can give you lasting peace and joy.

When you take your eyes off God, you open the door to stress. As the song says, “Turn your eyes upon Jesus.” Discipline yourself to never take your eyes off Jesus.’