Wood Carvings


Mahogany. This Warrior Angel is the first piece entirely of my own design. This was a milestone in my carving.
Mahogany. Shield has the Lion of Judah.


My 2nd project. Given to my husband who got me started carving with a simple exacto knife kit. I glued treated 2×4’s together. What was I thinking!?
Another early carving
The reason these are of unknown wood is because I ordered a box of a variety of hardwoods. Nothing was labeled.
Ibex in Mahogany
Wild boar (Piney Woods Rooter). Unknown wood.
Not sure what kind of wood. It was hard, though!
This was titled “The one that didn’t get away.” But I like to think of it as a fish in Jesus’ hand as He was about to divide it among the multitude. I believe this was mahogany.
Jesus with Girl – Relief Carving
German Castle. I really need to improve my picture-taking skills!
Grand Canyon
Dreaming Cat carved from pine
Dragon carved from cherry with bocote wings
Dragon. Cherry with Bocote wings